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I provide a compassionate, individualized, collaborative, trusting therapy for my clients. I work to help you develop new skills, and strategies that are practical, powerful and proven to help you feel better, and make changes that are meaningful.

Depressive disorders consist of a variety of symptoms in the areas of mood, thinking, behaviors and physical reactions. Mood related symptoms include sadness, irritability, depression and anger. Many depressed people are also anxious and nervous. When we are depressed our thinking is characterized by negative thoughts about ourselves (self-criticism), negative thoughts about the future and negative interpretations/ thinking about ongoing events in our lives. When we are depressed our beliefs are characterized by negativity as well. For example, we may believe:

“I’m a failure”
“I’m no good”
“I’m unlovable”

The behavioural symptoms of depression include withdrawal, avoidance of other people, and not doing activities that in the past gave us a sense of pleasure.

The physical symptoms of depression include tiredness, fatigue and insomnia. Additionally, depression is associated with an alteration in brain chemistry.

Learning to consistently think in newer and more adaptive ways can lead to less frequent and severe symptoms of depression and anxiety. Many people report that this process leads to greater amounts of meaning, satisfaction and happiness in their lives.