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Do you and your partner always fight about the same things and can’t seem to resolve them? Do you cycle back to the same arguments over and over again? Having problems in a relationship often stems from lack of communication, intimacy, trust or conflicts around daily home chores and infidelity.

If you feel that you need and want to reconnect with your partner, my online counselling is a great way to learn how you can work on building a strong long-term relationship with your partner. I can help you build your coping, communication, interpersonal and social skills.

I can also serve as a supportive listener as you express your emotions regarding the infidelity and I can help you determine your needs, future goals for the relationship, whether you choose to maintain or end it​. I can help encouraging an open evaluation of the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses. If unhealthy patterns exist, such as co-dependency, repeated affairs, partners being blamed for their partner’s infidelity blame for the infidelity, I can help you work through those feelings and obtain new perspectives.

​Whether you are having relationship problems or dealing with infidelity, the factors that influence the recovery process include communication skills, tolerance for conflict, capacity for honesty, acceptance of personal responsibility, and attachment style. Just as each relationship is distinct from another, so is recovery.