Weight Problems


Under eating, over eating, binging, addiction to certain foods such as sugar, salt or fat are all part of food and weight problems. How is food a drug and how does it affect your brain? Let me help you answer that question. Uncover the emotions that are behind your need to eat.

“Why do I eat wrong when I know how to eat right? Why can I never stay on track even though I am motivated in the beginning?” Sound familiar? This is because being overweight and having a food related problem is not about food but instead about why you eat the way you do. Men and women who struggle with this may also experience intense feelings of guilt, shame,  distress, and embarrassment related to their binge-eating, which could influence further progression of the eating disorder. I will help you become aware of why you eat the way you do and what everyday situations trigger you to over-eat or eat the wrong types of food so that you can lose weight, and keep it off – long term.

I combine my years of experience as a Registered Nutritionist and counselor to help you learn how to make permanent changes in your thinking to help make permanent changes in your eating.


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