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I offer confidential online counselling
Overwhelming emotions can be difficult to manage on our own. I know that therapy has the power to heal and transform people’s lives. Working with me can help to address psychological, emotional and interpersonal issues. You are not alone.

I am a therapist and educator and my primary areas of expertise are infidelity, sex and porn addiction, love and relationship addiction, alcohol addiction and partners of addicts.

My nature is open, warm and understanding. I will look at your presenting issues as well as your background and together set goals for therapy. I will meet with you online through VSee, skype, facetime or speak with you on the phone in the privacy of your own place and space. It is simple and easy to connect with me. I will help you attain real connection, self-awareness, dig deep, overcome self-limiting patterns, inspire and restore. Often personal changes are at the core of these issues. Having support can make the difference between just “getting through” something difficult, and growing stronger through something difficult.

I offer easy to connect, real time video conference therapy sessions through tele-therapy

Do you:

Live in a remote area * Have children at home that you have to look after * Can’t leave your house due to limitations, health reasons or something else * Feel more comfortable in your own home * Like the privacy and convenience of online counselling * Travel and need counselling while away from home * Want to avoid possibly seeing someone you know in a counselor’s waiting room * Or any other reason, then e-therapy may be just what you need.