Individual Therapy and Coaching

People seek therapy for various reasons. It is not uncommon to find it hard to put your feelings and thoughts into words, let alone share them with those around you. Seeking help is not always easy, but it’s the first step in helping you find the tools to tackle the challenges life brings. Each person has the ability to change and move in the direction of a more fulfilling and satisfying way of living. Therapy can help you renew your sense of well-being and discover methods to heal and care for your inner self.  Whether you are dealing with a difficult situation, trying to make a decision, struggling to make sense of what’s going on, feeling depressed or anxious, stress or dealing with painful emotions, therapy can be the key to helping you through your journey.  

Change occurs almost as a by-product of therapy. The aim of really knowing and understanding yourself leads to a better ‘sense’ of who you are. I have extensive experience working with individuals in the areas of sex, porn and alcohol addiction, partners and family members of addicts, anxiety, depression, infidelity, family conflict, grief/loss, stress, self-esteem, narcissistic abuse and co/pro-dependency. I will provide a safe space for you to share. Being more connected to your feelings brings many benefits but ultimately a chance to experience a more enriched life

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

~George Bernard Shaw~